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欧博手机版下载:'Sin stocks' among top gainers in market rally



KUALA LUMPUR: As the political impasse on the domestic scene spills over to a fourth day, Bursa Malaysia is finding some salve in news that the US Federal Reserve is signalling a slowing of interest rate hikes moving forward.

Global sentiment was lifted, with major US indices rising modestly ahead of a national holiday, following the release of Fed minutes that showed policymakers were concerned over the impact of the rapid rate increases on the financial system.

At 9.05am, Malaysia's benchmark FBM KLCI was up 12.68 points to 1,456.18 amid the increased likelihood of a resolution to the Malaysian political situation, while latching on to the positive sentiment in regional markets.

The overall market was notable positive with 227 gainers compared with 91 decliners. Trading volume was 386.89 million shares valued at RM148.92mil.

Brewers were seen reacting positively as the 2022 Fifa World Cup enters its fifth day and bets increased that "sin stocks" would not be impacted by the formation of the new government.




Carlsberg gained 50 sen to RM22.50 while Heineken added 30 sen to RM23.62.

Gaming and hospitality concern Genting climbed 11 sen to RM4.32 while subsidiary Genting Malaysia gained 12 sen to RM2.64.

Maybank, which released its earnings results yesterday evening, jumped 16 sen to RM8.71.

Meanwhile, Advance Synergy is top traded once again with 252.2 million shares exchanging hands, surging 5.5 sen to 23 sen on speculation over political developments. MUI Industries was up 1.5 sen to 11.5 sen.

Eden however was down 2.5 sen to 16.5 sen.




  • 2022-12-11 00:21:38

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